Minggu, 03 April 2011

cuz i was "BORN THIS WAY"

i really,really feel different after i listened this song,i listened it during my daily activities at my weekend,suddenly somethin entered my mind,then it changed everythin in my head
"Born This Way,one of the Lady Gaga's coolest creation,and it really suits me,,,,
That songs tell everybody that God makes no mistake baby,Yeah! no matter who u are? we're all the same!
so,starts from now on:
I'm Beautiful in my way,cuz God makes no mistake,
I'm on right track baby i was born this way,
and No matter who u are,i'll appreciate u,let's make friends,cuz we're all the same,
Please don't interfere into other people bussiness,
u just have to tell them not force them....

Love Lady Gaga.....

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