Jumat, 08 April 2011

Hi! i've made my own brand and logo

    this is the logo                                                               they're 100% imagination character and crew, :)

HEY GUYS! Yesterday,i was thinkin about stuff and then i thought why i'm not made my own cool stuff and created my own brand?? of course???
so at Tuesday.5th.2011 i made my own brand and logo and decided to create cool stuff to selled ,and this is it! my Brand.....
100% Imaginati0n
why i use that name??
mmm,honestly,it's little bit difficult when i made my own brand,especially it's name,but it's design isn't too difficult...
finally,i use 100% Imaginati0n cuz,i create my stuff by most important thing,and it was "IMAGINATION"
and i think there is always an imagination behind " Masterpiece",or "Big Creation"

BTW,i've planned to sell my stuff  as soon as i can,
before i sell them,i'll post it's design on my blog,so if you wanna know more and want to see it's design,,just visit my blog and don't forget i always waiting for ur opinion and suggestion,so don't forget to leave comment,,


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