Rabu, 01 Juni 2011

Djuniawan Ramadhan(Call him D'j)

look at this boy,yeah he's a Genius,even tough his look isn't look really smart,you can call him "Geek"(kiddin),but,he has somethin you call "Skill"
yeah,he's now studying in Vhs 6 SouthJakarta.In Multimedia he's one of the skilled people in my class,and  do like everythin is so easy to handle but in fact it's not.
Like make a web,,everybody looks confused until their face get pale(haha),and also for his idea and smart brain especially for mathematics,he often visible teachin ma friends bout mathematics and his explanation is also understandable,also for graphic design,his works is great,he's also got sense of humour,
he tells jokes and then we laugh,such a nice guy,ridiculous,and friendly too,and he seems can easily to understand difficult explaination.

                               artist ver.of Dj                              Geek ver.of Dj

one of his creation

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