Rabu, 01 Juni 2011

this is ArtsyTown(this is the place where my Oc's live)

First,”Where they live”
i’ve named the place,”ARTSYTOWN” the most famous place that artist really love to live.......
and in this town we don’t have any goverment or such as politic,and some kind of it.
The citizens are artist,they’re all an artists,and the town is full of creation of the citizens,including the building.Everything is full of artist’s works.
And we don’t have to pay the bill for use electricity,water,everything that people ussually pay in real world,we just have to use our imagination to create somethin like things that can create electricity water ,so  for the simple,we just have to design everytHin to live for.....

And there’s a some place that artist never resist to visit:
Is the place where artist can draw with their own style in wall of course,this place is one of artists fav,especially for street artist,and this place also sell many kinds of “Bombing stuff”such as caps,pylox and many more and they’re cheap!! And the owner also provide cool prize  for the coolest creation that choosen by other artist.
The place that provide freedom to artists who’d like to create their own stuff,such as T-shirt,shoes,even gadget,and statue :0
and u just have to pay by give them ur works,and everythin get payed !!
Dress Up
This is the place where the most famous designer sell their works,and this place it’s just like a butique,this is the bussiness where profesionals gather together and make the united,the clothes are expensive,but,once you get one of them,you’ll never wanna put off ur clothes J
Look more stylish than ussual J,and by the way Princess is one of the most famous designer in there.
gettin full
Every artist often feels hungry so quickly,especially after they finish their project,well,even tough there are so many restaurant or food seller,but,”Need Food” is the bestest place to satisfy your hunger,why??
Well,This is no magic,many artists said that every cuisine in “Gettin full” always suit their tongue,and we love all the food there,the gourmets are expert,they said there’s no secret ingredients on their  cuisine,just understand  about somethin called “Real Taste”,and every cuisine in there was created by young chef name Louis,he’s really talented,he also an artist,his art based on foods and drinks.the prices are cheap.

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