Rabu, 16 Maret 2011

my "COOL" and GOOD friend(call her Tika/Key)

This is Kartika my COOL friend and my good friend :)

well,after atleast half years,i meet and socialized with many people called friends :D
i love all of my friends and,Kartika is the one of them!
okay,this time,i'll describe about her.....

I think Kartika is:
Sweet,and she has a sweet and BIG SMILE!,sexy lips and she has the power of lips!!
has a great sense of art and kinda CRAZY!! cuz she loves ROCK!!
and she knows all about Up to Date fashion!
she got a talent and always create her own art based on her soul and her mood,that's the thing i love the most from her :)
Fun person,friendly,but,she's emotional and sometimes can't keep her words(but that's okay every people must have their own lack).
well,i guess it's enough,hah,actually I'm still have many things to describe her,but,as i said before,that i often feel difficult, when i explain somethin.... :(

i wish i can be friends with her together and forever,and thank you Kartika for ur kindness.....:)
ur a good friend :)

my picture with her

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