Rabu, 16 Maret 2011

Panty and Stocking!!??

hey,i just visited Zerochan.net gallery and i entered some keyword at the search bar,and i typed Panty and Stocking,then the result appeared,and i was little bit suprised,when i found many picture of Panty and stocking  but it was"Male Ver."!!? of Panty and Stocking!!?
is that real or NO??
i also found the picture of "Devil Sister" male ver,and female Brief and GalterBelt??
and i think Stocking male ver. is damn cool and sweet!! 
ilove both of them,Stocking(girl) and Stocking(boy)
But,i don't know exactly whether it just fanart or real,so,if which one of u got some information about it,please tell me(arigatou guys!)

Here's some picture of Panty and Stocking male ver. :)

original D.S.....

Devil Sister male ver.

haaaaaaaaaaa~~~How sweeeettttt >.<!

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