Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

Sebastian had a small accident when he was playing the scene to protect ciel

Wow,this is the most perfect butler in the world,mmm

okay this a bad news,all of Kuroshitsuji fans must know "Making of Kuroshitsuji"
yeah,it was like a behind the scene of Kuroshitsuji,and in there we can see the characters plays their role,and there is a scene when Sebastian protected Ciel from big wood that almost overwrited to Ciel,and then,the crew help lift a wood that overwrited Sebastian's ankle ,and after that Sebastian went to doctor to checked his condition and  his ankle condition isn't really bad,and he could continue his role,when he did his role as Claude's opponent,he seemed still okay.

hah,thank godness Sebastian is just fine.... :)
i'm GLADDDDDDDD haha!!

(sorry for my English,i'm stil learn >( p

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